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Dedicated to crafting an economically viable
and more environmentally friendly future for your home!

Our comprehensive Solar PV packages encompass everything necessary to empower your home with solar energy. Our expert design team will craft a tailored proposal based on your specific needs and home specifications. By analyzing your current energy consumption and future plans, we can create the optimal system that aligns with your budget.


Once you approve the design, we will supply all the required materials, coordinate any necessary access equipment, and carry out a top-notch installation to ensure you receive the highest quality service.


In addition, we will handle your DNO application process from start to finish, and directly communicate with the network provider to ensure full compliance with all regulations.


We'll also provide a thorough handover package upon completion of the installation, containing your MCS & Napit Certificates, along with datasheets and warranties for all installed products.

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Initial Enquiry

Upon receiving your enquiry, as MCS approved installers we will do a design based of supply and install your solar panel system.


These installers have a demonstrated history of delivering dependable and top-notch installations tailored to your specifications.


Upon receipt of your inquiry, our installer will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule a site visit and delve deeper into your requirements.

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We'll schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your needs, property details, and lifestyle, enabling us to tailor a custom system using our desktop quotation service.


While this method may not ensure 100% accuracy, should you choose to proceed, we'll aim to have a technical advisor visit your property within four weeks of accepting the initial estimate.


The estimate will cover all materials and labor but excludes the cost of scaffolding, for which we'll obtain a quote from our reliable scaffolding company in the following stage.

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Technical Visit

Our team will conduct an assessment of your current electrical setup, measure the available roof space, and identify any potential challenges. We'll ensure that the estimate aligns with your requirements, and if adjustments are necessary, we'll provide a new estimate or final quotation accordingly.

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Applying for DNO

For solar arrays exceeding 3.68kw, prior approval from your electricity provider is necessary before installation.


This process, managed by us, may take up to 5 months for approval, and there might be associated costs payable directly to your service provider.


We handle all the paperwork required for this application on your behalf.

Contract Review

Contract & Payment

After gathering all modifications resulting from the technical visit and scaffolding quotations, we proceed to draft a contract for your review, signature, and return.

Our payment plan consists of three stages:

  1. Stage 1: Deposit due upon order confirmation.

  2. Stage 2: Payment required 14 days before the installation.

  3. Stage 3: Payment due upon completion of the installation.


We await your review and signature before commencement.

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Now the fun begins!

We collaborate closely with you to select an installation date that accommodates your schedule.

Typically, the installation process lasts 2-3 days, with scaffolding set up at least 2 days before.


On the scheduled day, our team arrives with materials and discusses the installation plan before commencing work. Once all components are installed and operational, we proceed to commission the system.


This may involve providing guidance on monitoring systems, apps, and passwords to ensure you maximize the system's benefits.

Payment Options Available

Finance available upon further request

After Care Support

Any issues with your solar setup after install. We are always on hand in the office to get you through to the right person to assist you. 

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