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Solar Panels Technician

Dedicated to crafting an economically viable
more environmentally-friendly future for your business

Ecobubl specialises in the implementation of large-scale commercial solar panel systems tailored for various sectors, including businesses of all sizes, offices, factories, warehouses, farms, and agricultural enterprises.


Whether your goal is to trim expenses, diminish your carbon footprint, or ensure a sustainable energy future, we deliver proficient commercial solar installations featuring top-performing solar panels.


Our expertise lies in providing solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, enabling you to achieve cost savings and environmental sustainability while securing a reliable energy supply for the future.

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Initial Enquiry

Upon receiving your enquiry, as MCS approved installers we will do a design based of supply and install your solar panel system.


These installers have a demonstrated history of delivering dependable and top-notch installations tailored to your specifications.


Upon receipt of your inquiry, our installer will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule a site visit and delve deeper into your requirements.

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