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Solar Panels

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The Experts in Renewable Energy Solutions


Ecobubl is based in Warminster, Wiltshire. We design, supply and Install Renewable Energy solutions and Air Conditioning systems


We take care of all your Renewable Energy design; from heat pump systems, to solar PV and battery storage. We are always available with advice for your complete renewable solution.

We work closely with many architects and self builders to achieve a complete renewable solution for their new build homes.


Ecobubl dedicate their time to ensuring each Renewable system is Installed correctly. They achieve this by carrying out the full room by room heat loss calculations and full specification of each project.

For our trade customers, Ecobubl make Installing Renewable products an easy process, we offer a full MCS umbrella support scheme. This will enable the Installer to access government grants for their customers.

The products offered are Air to Water Heat Pump systems, Under-Floor Heating, Solar PV, Battery Storage, and Air Conditioning.

All About Us

About Us:

Welcome to Ecobubl, where innovation meets excellence. We are a modern and dynamic company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and exceptional services. Our passion towards net zero emissions drives us to deliver unparalleled expertise to our valued customers.


Who We Are:

At Ecobubl, we are a team of highly skilled professionals with a shared vision of revolutionising renewables. With expertise in installing solar arrays, battery storage and Heat Pumps.  

We are proud to be a sustainable home centre for Daikin UK. We have an open showroom with functioning heat pump & aircon systems open to the public. Opening hours 10am-4pm. 


We possess the knowledge and resources to address the unique challenges of our clients. Our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence set us apart in the market.


Our Mission: 


Established in 2020 in Warminster, Ecobubl designs and supplies renewable energy solutions ranging from heat pump systems to solar PV installs.


Our mission is to install Solar PV on every roof in the southwest and remove as many fossil fuel systems as possible and replacing them with heat pumps and other low carbon heating systems. 

Our Journey 



Ecobubl Opening

We opened in 2020 after seeing a gap in the market for renewables. Our story began with a lightbulb moment that was so energy-efficient, it practically ran on its own excitement. Recognising a chasm in the renewable market big enough to drive a battery through, we set out to revolutionise how the world thought about sustainable energy.


Robert Llewelyn 

Hold onto your heat pumps and buckle up your panels, because the universe decided to throw us a curveball of stardust! In a spectacular twist of cosmic alignment, none other than the renewable energy connoisseur himself, Robert Llewelyn, graced our humble abode with his presence.

9th October 2023

Ecobubl announce launch of online store - Ecobubl Store

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