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Welcome to the Daikin Sustainable Home Centre, where innovation meets eco-friendly living in the most delightful way!


Imagine stepping into a world where comfort, style, and sustainability converge to create the ultimate home experience. At our centre, we invite you to embark on a journey that will transform your perception of what a home can be.

Take a look at our range of Daikin heat pumps, imagine a magical contraption that's like a yoga master for temperatures. In our opinion, Daikin heat pumps provide a constant and consistent temperature for your home environment into the coziest pretzel of comfort you've ever experienced (In our opinion😉) 

Marvel at the stylish solar panels and our battery systems, that will capture the sun's rays to power your home while reducing your carbon footprint. And don't forget, solar & battery can also help power your heat pump.

Our Journey 



Ecobubl Opening

We opened in 2020 after seeing a gap in the market for renewables. Our story began with a lightbulb moment that was so energy-efficient, it practically ran on its own excitement. Recognising a chasm in the renewable market big enough to drive a battery through, we set out to revolutionise how the world thought about sustainable energy.


Robert Llewelyn 

Hold onto your heat pumps and buckle up your panels, because the universe decided to throw us a curveball of stardust! In a spectacular twist of cosmic alignment, none other than the renewable energy connoisseur himself, Robert Llewelyn, graced our humble abode with his presence.


But wait there's more.. 

2023 isn't over yet, we have lot's more surprises in store! Look out is that a bird or is that a plane? No it's Ecobubl 2023 on it's way!!

Sometime in the near future...

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