Ecobubl Webinars 

Join one of our many Webinars and learn various topics such as Solar PV benefits and how to earn money by storing electric and selling back to the grid 


The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, Government pay homeowner for producing Renewable Heat.

Installer customers MCS Sheme and Design Services

Although we list dedicated dates (as below), we can also arrange a time that my suit you better and link one to one, if you require a more formal conversation.

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Installer Webinar

Learn all about the MCS Installer scheme we operate, the design service we offer, product selection and commissioning and paper work we offer.

Daikin sustainable solutions network, join the rapidly growing market of Air - Water Heat Pumps

There will be time to ask any questions

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Homeowner Webinar (Solar PV and Battery storage

Homeowner Webinar (Air Source Heat Pumps and Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme)