SolarEdge Power Optimisers and inverters are a great way to get the most out of shaded or complicated arrays. Optimisers track and modulate the performance of each module, to overcome any differences resulting from shading, orientation or module mismatch. The SolarEdge optimiser system will reduce the impact of these differences to maximise the power of the system, and ensure a quicker return on the investment for domestic and commercial installations.

The SolarEdge also includes module-level monitoring via an online portal which is compatible with smartphone apps.

The SolarEdge optimisers carry a 25 year warranty and feature a unique SafeDCTM mechanism which shuts down DC voltage and current of every module as soon as the system is disconnected from the AC supply for greater safety during maintenance or in the event of a fire.

Domestic SolarEdge P300 Power Optimiser
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The P300 Power Optimiser is suitable for use with 60 cell modules with output up to 310W, provided Voc is below 48V. Optimisers allow for uneven strings, longer strings, mix of panel types and orientations on the same string as well as reducing the impact of partial shading on the array.



The P300 is suitable for the majority of our solar panels, if you need advice on pairing these just let us know.

This is the 3680W screenless version of the HD Wave from SolarEdge. Marked as a milestone in inverter technology, the award winning HD-Wave technology is a record-breaker in efficiency tests.

Small, light, efficient and superbly reliable – SolarEdge’s single phase inverters with innovative HD-Wave technology are now a firm favourite for installers and end-customers alike.

SolarEdge inverters will only work with power optimisers, which control module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking and voltage management. This means that the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion – this is the secret of the HD-Wave technology. It uses smaller, lighter and more reliable thin film capacitors, allowing SolarEdge to rid most of the heavy metal parts from the inverter.

SolarEdge 3680W 1ph SCREENLESS inverter with HD-Wave technology
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Commercial SolarEdge P600 Optimiser 600W 2x60 Cell
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This optimiser is ideal for commercial installations allowing the connection of two 60-cell panels to one power optimiser.

Optimisers allow for uneven strings, longer strings, mix of panel types and orientations on the same string as well as reducing the impact of partial shading on the array.


The P600 is suitable for the majority of our solar panels

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AC Coupled StorEdge Inverter_EU and APAC
Commercial SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter

The SolarEdge three phase PV inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability. The fixed-voltage technology ensures the solar inverter is always working at its optimal input voltage, regardless of the number of modules in a string or environmental conditions.

A proprietary data monitoring receiver has been integrated into the inverter and aggregates the power optimizer performance data from each PV module. This data can be transmitted to the web and accessed via the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal for performance analysis, fault detection and troubleshooting of PV systems.