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Octopus Smart Energy Tariffs

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During the day use free electric from your Solar PV system to power your home, any excess can charge the heat battery for free hot water.

Charge the Electric battery from either the Solar PV system or direct from the grid when the energy cost is low or sometimes Octopus pay you to use the electric.

Low cost stored electric from your batteries can also run your Air source Heat Pump at an extremely low cost, especially with effciencies from the heat pump of 300-400%

This is the future of Home Heating and Electrictity usage.


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Outgoing Octopus is a smart export tariff and our successor to the feed-in tariff (FIT). Perfect for homes with solar panels, battery storage, or any other way of sharing energy back to the grid.

Outgoing Octopus comes in two flavours – Fixed or Agile. Outgoing Fixed guarantees 5.5p per kWh for every unit you export. Outgoing Agile matches your half-hourly prices with day-ahead wholesale rates, helping you make the most of the energy you generate.


With energy storage and Outgoing Agile, you can sell your electricity at the most valuable time for you. Combine 4 kWp of solar panels with battery storage, and you could earn £436 – over 50% more than the same panels on a fixed 5.5p per kWh rate.