MCS Heat loss calculation design

Ecobubl will carry out the full room by room heat loss calculations to ensure the design is correct.

We calculate the heat load in accordance with BS EN 12831. The heating solution installed must deliver 100% of the heat load at the design temperature. The total kWh of energy produced from the heat pump is also calculated.  


We calculated the domestic hot water based on an estimated occupancy of number of bedrooms plus one, allowing a set amount of litres of hot water per person.

The Heat loss/load calculations are very detailed and we consider all building material types and U-values, the software also calculates each radiator to ensure they`re sufficiently sized for each room working at a lower flow temperature.


The below picture shows details of the heat loss calculator.

Heat loss 1.PNG

Once each room has been calculated and radiators are suitably sized, the software will then select a suitable heat pump system providing 100% for the heat load for the building.

The below picture shows the equipment selection..

Stand by me 2.PNG

The Daikin software also provides the Installer with pipe work and electrical schematic drawings, Installation Literature, pipe sizing tool, RHI calculations and MCS Compliance certificate.


The Daikin heat pump can be configured off site and the configuration saved to a data card or USB stick.

Once on site the configuration  is uploaded and the heat pump is then easily commissioned.

STand by me 3.PNG