Homeowner Support

At ecobubl we not only support the trade customers, we help homeowners make the right choice for their homes.

Design services for extensions, new builds, heating and boiler system upgrades, and even Solar/Battery storage solutions.

Its essential that your system is designed correctly to ensure you maximise your return on investment. 

What we do for you

  • Chat free with one of our experts.

  • Video conference calls available as an initial meeting to discuss your renewable requirements to save initial site visit.

  • Arrange a technical site visit to assess your system requirements.

  • We design a system that suits the property, your expectations and your budget.

  • Once you`re satisfied with the design, we then provide a full specification and quotation for the equipment. 

  • We arrange for the Installation

If you wish to make an Initial enquiry for a Heat Pump or Solar PV, please click the links below and complete the enquiry form.

A member of the team will contact you ASAP

Professional Design Services

Heat Pumps

For Heat Pumps to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, the heat pump system has to be fully design to ensure the system will heat your home.

Room by Room heat loss calculations

The heat loss of the property is designed in accordance with BSEN12831, the U values are taken from the Domestic heating guide every detail of the construction is calulated.


We also calculated the domestic hot water based on the occupancy of number of bedrooms plus one, allowing sufficient hot water per person, providing more storage at a lower stored temperature.


Heat Emitters

We design the heat emitters to operate a the lowest possible temperatures, normally the radiator flow temperature will be 45dc.

under-floor heating pipes are installed at 150mm centres to again provide the lowest flow temperature possible.


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Equipment Selection Software
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Solar PV Design Services


Selecting the right Solar PV system can sometimes be challenging, Ecobubl assess various solutions including types of panels and Inverters and also the integration between the Solar PV system and electric battery storage.

Other technologies such as Sunamp Heat storage batteries and solar divert devices to maximise the usage of your free electric.

Every customer is provided with a full report of the solar layout, electrical drawing and performance estimations.


We have selected 3 Solar PV manufacturers to work with, Trina, Longi, and Q-Cells, we also offer Inverter solutions from Grow-Watt, Solis, Safar and Solar Edge.

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