Heat Pump Repairs & Service

Is your Heat Pump in need of a repair or requires servicing?, Ecobubl are every experienced

in Daikin Air to water heat pumps.

Have you experienced a BAD Installation from a Rogue Installer?


Do you need some free advice on how to rectify the issues?

We fully understand the Issues that unfortunately many homeowners are currently facing, from Rogue sales companies and their bad Installers.

Unfortunately we are seeing an excessive amount of bad installations, this is giving the Heat pump Industry a bad name.

We normally find, the equipment these companies supply is of good quality, however the Installation is always rushed and Installed at a very low cost, therefore the homeowner experiences many problems over the next few years, and In many cases the sales company are no longer in business to claim against.

Ecobubl can help resolve your situation, by correcting the Installation faults and allowing your system to work efficiency.

Repairing your Heat pump

Servicing is paramount to the safe and reliable operation of your heat pump system, it`s very Important that your heat pump system is serviced at least once a year, to prolong the life of the equipment and to ensure the system run smoothly without any operational faults.

Having a clean heating water system also prolongs the life of essential parts such as the circulation pump.

The water within this heat pump system was very dirty and caused the pump to fail, this can be an expenses fix, and therefore preventive maintenance could stop the failure of moving parts such as your pump.



Servicing your Heat pump


The outdoor unit coil at the back of the Heat pump can become very clogged up with dust and therefore needs cleaning with a suitable coil cleaner, any leaf deberis around your Heat pump should also be removed.

As you can see in the picture to the left, this heat pump hasn`t been serviced for a couple of years.

If any leaves and dust are allowed to build up in the condense tray at the bottom of the coil, then this in turn will cause the coil to completly freeze, as water can no longer espace from the tray and the unit will fail to operate correctly.

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