The NOX-FILT range is Domus Ventilation’s answer to the increasing demand for improved indoor air quality in the construction industry.

This range of in-line carbon filters are designed to be situated on the supply leg of a mechanical ventilation system, negating the need for thermal insulation, and preventing up to 99.5% of airborne contaminants entering the property.

Whilst the immediate emphasis is on the filtration of harmful NO2, often found in high levels within cities across the UK, there is also the option of a PM2.5 pre-filter to maximise the filtration of Particulate Matter equal or larger in size to 2.5 microns.

The Domus NOX-FILT
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  • Up to 99.5% NO2 filtration.

  • Simple to replace, single carbon filter cartridge.

  • Low resistance meaning ventilation systems are not affected.

  • PM2.5 pre-filter offering increased Particulate Matter filtration.

  • Low profile for space restrictions.

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