Covid 19 Safe Guarding Our Customers

At Ecobubl we`re taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, therefore we have created a series of procedures and measures to safe guard our customers.

From your Initial enquiry to commissioning your renewable system, we think about your safety all the way and want to comply with the governments social distancing rules to protect you and ourselves.

If you are interested in obtaining a quotation for a Renewable system, there are many ways we can provide an estimate and specification without actually visiting your home or business.

Below is a list of Installation stages and details of minimising the contact and risk.

If you wish to make an Initial enquiry for a Heat Pump or Solar PV, please click the links below and complete the enquiry form.

A member of the team will contact you ASAP



Estimate/Specification for Heat Pumps

  1. We can discuss different Renewable options over the phone, due to our extensive experience we can talk about your existing heating & hot water system and obtain a reasonable understand of the property type.

  2. If you have drawings of your property, we can use them to calculate heat losses, radiator sizing and hot water requirements.

  3. You can also email us photos of your existing boiler system, type of radiators, hot water cylinder and electrical fuse board, this provides essential information when deciding the type of heat pump suitable for your home.

  4. We are happy to arrange a video conference call with you to discuss the options, if carried out on a mobile phone through facetime, you can even show us around your property.

  5. If you wanted to get more involved in providing more information, you could provide us a list of room sizes, windows and doors and outside walls etc to enable us to calculate the heat losses.

  6. We also check the EPC register (Energy performance certificate), If the certificate is within the last 2 years, we can use this to assess the amount of Government grant you will receive (Renewable Heat Incentive).

  7. Following this desk top survey, we will provide an estimate to supply and or Install your system.

Technical Site Survey

  1. At some stage we would need to carry out a full technical site survey.

  2. We will arrange a suitable time with you to gain access to your property, when we arrive we ensure we keep the safe distance of 2 metres and we will be wearing suitable PPE (gloves and a facemask)

  3. As a lot of the work can be carried out remotely, this reduces the time required on site.

  4. Following our technical site visit we can provide a full detailed quotation.


  1. As above, we can arrange a time that suits your schedule to minimises contact.

  2. All engineers again will use PPE when required.


Solar PV Estimate/Specification 

  1. Providing an estimate for Solar PV is simular to a heat pump, however we can use Google Earth to accurately measure your roof, to calculate the number of solar panels we can fit to your roof.

  2. If you are able to provide photographs of the property and the roof covering ie slate, tiles, metal roof etc, this would assist in providing a full specification.

  3. You can also provide us with photographs of the electric meter and existing fuse board.

  4. A full survey will also be required as detailed above.

Installation of the solar panels.

  1. During the Installation the scaffolding will be Installed before the roofers attend site, all the solar panels will be fitted and once clear the electrical engineers will carry out the electrical wiring and Inverter/Battery Installation, this will also be commissioned and set to work.

Customer handover

  1. We have created a number of videos to inform the homeowners how their systems work and how to operate the controls, therefore minimising close contact when demonstrating controls.

  2. Easy Step guides will also be available.



Customer Video Conference
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